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Collect Earned Revenue and Maximize Cash Flow

As healthcare operating margins shrink, providers need efficient and innovative ways to increase collections and improve cash flow. Cymetrix has developed a powerful management reporting tool that uses the hospital’s electronic Aged Trial Balance to help allocate hospital resources for maximum results in the shortest period of time. Cymetrix employs an existing data file format and produces the analysis with limited time and resources from the hospital IT representative.

Based on the analysis, various solutions may be implemented to increase net revenue and maximize cash flow. The following is a sample of the types of analysis we produce:

  • Detail of inpatient and outpatient accounts receivable, by financial class in the high-risk category, by age and balance
  • Identify the historic accounts receivable liquidation curve by age, financial class and average balance
  • Analyze the volume of accounts by financial class and average balance to evaluate staffing requirements
  • Stratify accounts receivable by different balances to determine where to allocate resources for maximum results
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